Art & Advocacy: Rage and Resilience through Art

"Un Lien Study" by Yacine Fall and "Adalah" by Malak Mattar will be available for purchase at this year's Arts and Advocacy online auction.

"Un Lien Study" by Yacine Fall and "Adalah" by Malak Mattar will be available for purchase at this year's Art and Advocacy online auction. 

CHANGE’s fifth annual Art & Advocacy fundraiser will take place virtually and feature the work of local and global women artists. This year's theme is Rage and Resilience through Art. This year has been full of rage towards systemic injustice, patriarchy and racism, but it has also been a year full of resilience in the face of so much uncertainty. We have seen so much creativity, and a sense of renewed and unwavering hope for a better world. As a women's rights organization that focuses on holding the U.S. government accountable to its global commitments to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all, CHANGE is committed to building a better world for women and girls and communities that are discriminated against. Rage and Resilience through Art highlights works that reflect the realities of women’s lived experiences in different parts of the world. For this year's fundraiser, CHANGE plans to support artists that have contributed pieces to the online auction by sharing the revenue from the art that sells between CHANGE and the artists so that the artist and CHANGE each get 50% of the sales revenue for each item that sells. Check out the art auction here, and get a head start on making a bid. We look forward to getting together with our community of supporters to celebrate the work of fearless women artists, as well as raise funds to enable CHANGE to continue to build a world where SRHR for all is a reality.

Theme of event: Rage and Resilience through Art 

Date of event: Thursday, October 29
Time of event: 6:00-7:00 p.m. 
VIP reception: 5:30-6:00 p.m.
Early bird registration to VIP reception: Buy a $250 VIP ticket by October 15 to get a special cocktail kit delivered to your home. The cocktail kits have a value of $35/each, and would not be tax deductible.
* Match fund: Double your impact with a donation to CHANGE! A group of generous donors have pledged to match dollar for dollar all gifts to CHANGE up to $10,000. We are thankful to our generous donors listed below.
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Art & Advocacy Sponsors

Annie and Paul Mahon*

Deborah Arrindell*

Mohini Malhotra and Tilman Ehrbeck*

Peter and Allison Fenn*

Mary Ann Stein*

Monica Scott

Gary Barker*

Pamela Barnes*

Serra Sippel and David Grosso*

Frances Kissling*

Stephen Lee*

Paul O'Brien*

Matthew Reeves*

Kay Kendall

Christopher Wolz

Barbara Ciconte*

Emily Leongini*

Akila Radhakrishnan*

Susan Clampitt

Alexandra Nowakowski

Clare Coleman

Karl Hofmann

Maggie Forster-Schmitz

Beth Tritter

Judy Waxman

Linda Potter

Terry McGovern

Traci Slater-Rigaud


*Donors that have contributed to the match fund 

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