Justice and Equity

CHANGE’s Commitment to Racial Justice and Anti-Racism  

“Anti-Black racism, white supremacy, and neo-colonialism are explicitly structural, sustained, and amplified by institutions, people, policies and programs. CHANGE is committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that centers racial justice in order to disrupt and dismantle anti-Black racism and neo-colonialism in our programs and operations. I believe this journey is critical to fulfill our mission and our vision of a world that respects, protects, and honors sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for all."

Serra Sippel, President, CHANGE

In 2019, CHANGE staff took steps to establish a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and racial equity and become an anti-racist organization. CHANGE staff engaged in critical conversations and established goals that set us on a journey to center racial justice in our operations and programs in order to become an anti-racist organization. With an Organizational Effectiveness grant from the Packard Foundation, in 2020, CHANGE staff and board worked with consultants to co-create a vision and plan to become a workplace that is committed to embodying values of justice, equity, anti-colonialism, anti-racism, joy, and accountability in our operations and programs. This vision and plan is aspirational and will be the backbone for a new organizational strategic vision that will be developed in 2021.

Our DEI Strategic Vision

We envision a CHANGE that is an exemplar of what it means to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive nonprofit that is rooted in anti-colonialist and anti-racist principles. We will be a workplace that: 

  • Actively pursues racial equity and justice for our team members and communities impacted by U.S. policies; 

  • Embraces and promotes anti-colonial and anti-racist systems, policies, practices, and mindsets in all we do; and

  • Embodies joy as we hold ourselves accountable to decolonizing our work in the pursuit of freedom.

Our DEI Values

Our DEI strategic vision is undergirded by our values, which, though aspirational, we are committed to fully embodying in all of our work:

Justice - We approach our work with an eye toward justice, especially for those for whom justice has been eluded; we will speak truth to power as allies and partners of communities impacted by U.S. policies, and internally when we recognize inequities within our own organization.

Equity - We prioritize community over efficiency and work to include all voices, especially honoring the voices of those individuals and communities that have been historically marginalized and oppressed; we invest in our team with an equity lens, recognizing the historic and present day disadvantages created by systemic racism; we prioritize providing the support and resources needed for our team and partners to thrive. 

Anti-colonialism and anti-racism - We actively seek to dismantle systems of oppression, amplifying and valuing marginalized voices as we advocate for policies that seek to disrupt and reject systems of power and privilege, American exceptionalism and white saviorism, while striving for justice, liberation, and freedom for women and others who are discriminated against; we also value and uplift Blackness as we seek to disrupt systems that perpetuate anti-Blackness.

Joy - We approach our work with the strength required to dismantle systems and the joy required to motivate our persistence; we will be unapologetic about advocating for the right to experience both emotional and bodily joy.

Accountability - We hold each other accountable to continuously doing the work necessary to live out our values internally among our colleagues, and externally with our partners and the community; we recognize the courage it takes to speak truth to power and celebrate those who raise their voices to call out inequities and advocate for meaningful change that brings us closer to being the diverse, equitable, inclusive, anti-colonialist and anti-racist organization we strive to be.

Gender equality, and the true empowerment of women and girls, is only possible when SRHR is realized.

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